Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My new e book ANGEL WHISPERS

ANGEL WHISPERS  is a lighthearted and easy read until the story takes a turn which will touch the reader's heart. Set in the scenic West of Ireland, follow the story of Aimee and Greg when life serves them a cruel blow. The author threads her spiritual understandings into this delightful story about life and the soul's progression. Can love overcome all? 

At the moment it is only  available as an ebook until I hear what the readers have to say, so please if you enjoyed reading it, let me know.  You can download it from  Amazon and Smashwords.
Angel Whispers my new ebook is available on Amazon and Smashwords.
I really enjoyed writing it and hope you will enjoy reading it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


A Night Of Mediumship

Nov 4th Starting at 7.30pm with

Special channelled

‘ Messages from your

Spirit Guides & Angels.

Phil Rice, psychic medium, is

again in Tuam in The Homeopath

Corner, for a very special night

Where she will start with chanelled

messages from your Spirit Guides &

Angels, followed by A Night Of

Mediumship where she will reconnect

to your loved ones.


Fee Seat €25. Seating is limited & must be pre

Booked. Please bring a photo of your loved ones. ones

To book Please call Bernie 087 4159035.

Phil Rice 087.6340248


The Home


Give your dreams a little help with some
Candle Magic to bring LOVE & ABUNDANCE
into your life. Also on offer a special candle
to repel negativity.
Candles €5 each plus p & p.

Lightworkers Awakening Workshop


with PHIL RICE Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Guide,

Ritual Master, DNA Activator, Reiki master.

The Lightworkers Awakening Workshops, The handing

down of sacred ancient rituals to awaken your soul to its purpose and to develop your 6th sense abilities towards a more rewarding & guided life. Learn how to open the door

to your soul and achieve your dreams

Astral Travel, Psychic Protection, Handing down of Sacred Rituals,

Learn to connect to your instincts Spirit Guides & Angels, Dowsing

and much more.

Certified 3 Workshops is run over 3 weeks. Cost €35 per class inclusive of manual.

Tea and Coffee provided. You will need to bring a good notebook that can be used as a gremoir.

All workshops must be attended to participate in Workshop part 3. This will be a very special chanelled workshop with messages & advice from your Spirit Guides, Angels & the Hierarchy of Light which will leave you sealed in Light.

For further info, 1 to 1, Mediumship, healing,

Emotional Cord Cutting, And cards readings

Call Phil 087. 6340248.

Online Angel and Tarot Card Readings

Online Tarot and Angel Card Readings available from the Healing Room. They are done through email and payable through paypal.
Ask your question towards a cleared future for you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An article about the work I do from The Western People.

For years Ballina based medium and healer Phil Rice suppressed her gifts but now she has putthem to use and frequently does so to benefit
deserving local causes, writes Orla Hearns.

SPIRITUAL healing is not alearned skill, it's a gift, explains Phil Rice. Her gift has been handed down over four generations but Phil is
the first of her family to put the gift to public use. On Saturday, October 30 Phil will do just that to benefit a worthy localcause that is very close to her heart. She will host a special evening of mediumship in Mount Falcon hotel in aid of the North West Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (NWSPCA).
Phil is passionate about animals and regularly volunteers with the NWSPCA. She is inspired by animals' capacity for unconditional love and she regularly uses her healing abilities on injured pets at the Small Creatures veterinary practice.

"It was like carrying a flash light in the dark and everyone was following me. If I passed someone in the doorway they would be able to feel the energy of the spirits pushing past after me"

Raised in Kilkenny, Phil's psychic abilities were evident in her childhood but talk of such a nature was strongly discouraged in those times. She says of her gift: "My childhood memories of it were that it was like having invisible friends. It was always as though I was in this tunnel of sunshine." Phil moved to Mayo with her family
as a teenager when her dad, Ben Flynn took up employment in Asahi, Killala. Her mum Phil Flynn was a nurse in Ballina hospital. Phil completed her education in Ballina and met and married her husband Seamus Rice in the town. It was not until Phil endured the trauma of losing two close relatives –her mother and father in law, Jim Rice - within the space of ten days that her gift re-surfaced. In her grief stricken state the experiences she had known as a child came flooding back.
She describes the Christmas of that year as "horrendous". She was surrounded by spirits – most of them trapped and needing her help to cross over into the other side:
"It was like carrying a flash light in the dark and everyone was following me," she recalls. "If I passed someone in the doorway they would be able to feel the energy of the spirits pushing past after me." Phil was able to see this energy as colours in the air around her, like vortices with different shades pouring into each other and sometimes the spirits manifested themselves in physical form or as a voice inside her head. She says she suffered terribly with burning and tingling heat sensations in her hands. The symptoms were medically treated as rheumatoid arthritis but once she began to heal people Phil realised that the sensation was coming from her healing
energy. Over the next seven years Phil devoted herself to studying her gift and is now a certified medium. She is highly experienced in her art and knows how to afford proper protection to those she works with. She says she has really fine tuned her abilities now and differs from other mediums in that she can channel the spirit's energy so effectively that it can be felt by the person she is working with. She can also provide validations that will prove the identity of the spirit she is communicating with –usually a piece of information that she could not otherwise have known about the person. "I also have a spiritual advisor who has no problem with anything I do," Phil explains. Phil initially began to use her healing gift to help family members and friends but word of her abilities quickly spread and today she heals individuals practically on a full time basis but also works with nursing homes and other such facilities. Phil says her proudest achievment in recent weeks was healing her grandson in the womb. Doctors continually told her daughter that the baby was not thriving and would not survive but Phil knew otherwise and employed her healing gift.

Baby Eli was safely born at 30 weeks gestation, on September 23, weighing just 1.5lbs and continues to do well. But Phil stresses that she is not a medical doctor and always advises clients to consult their GP where necessary. She also acknowledges that there are occasions where the only assistance she can provide is to give someone
the inner strength they need to tackle a situation.

"My childhood memories of it were that it was like having invisible friends. It was always as though I was in this tunnel of sunshine"