Saturday, October 22, 2011


A Night Of Mediumship

Nov 4th Starting at 7.30pm with

Special channelled

‘ Messages from your

Spirit Guides & Angels.

Phil Rice, psychic medium, is

again in Tuam in The Homeopath

Corner, for a very special night

Where she will start with chanelled

messages from your Spirit Guides &

Angels, followed by A Night Of

Mediumship where she will reconnect

to your loved ones.


Fee Seat €25. Seating is limited & must be pre

Booked. Please bring a photo of your loved ones. ones

To book Please call Bernie 087 4159035.

Phil Rice 087.6340248


The Home


Give your dreams a little help with some
Candle Magic to bring LOVE & ABUNDANCE
into your life. Also on offer a special candle
to repel negativity.
Candles €5 each plus p & p.

Lightworkers Awakening Workshop


with PHIL RICE Psychic Medium, Healer, Spiritual Guide,

Ritual Master, DNA Activator, Reiki master.

The Lightworkers Awakening Workshops, The handing

down of sacred ancient rituals to awaken your soul to its purpose and to develop your 6th sense abilities towards a more rewarding & guided life. Learn how to open the door

to your soul and achieve your dreams

Astral Travel, Psychic Protection, Handing down of Sacred Rituals,

Learn to connect to your instincts Spirit Guides & Angels, Dowsing

and much more.

Certified 3 Workshops is run over 3 weeks. Cost €35 per class inclusive of manual.

Tea and Coffee provided. You will need to bring a good notebook that can be used as a gremoir.

All workshops must be attended to participate in Workshop part 3. This will be a very special chanelled workshop with messages & advice from your Spirit Guides, Angels & the Hierarchy of Light which will leave you sealed in Light.

For further info, 1 to 1, Mediumship, healing,

Emotional Cord Cutting, And cards readings

Call Phil 087. 6340248.

Online Angel and Tarot Card Readings

Online Tarot and Angel Card Readings available from the Healing Room. They are done through email and payable through paypal.
Ask your question towards a cleared future for you.